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Kenny John Jackson @CumberlandSouthWhat a great evening! Thank you to @StephenMcNeil and @billcaseyns for spending their evening with us in Cumberland South. https://t.co/r4Yaoo5BJU5 days ago 0 0
Kenny John Jackson @CumberlandSouthRT @NSLiberal: ICYMI: Our platform for building a #StrongerNS is now available. Read it here: https://t.co/NKPCe89x5E https://t.co/8nGpB6VJ…1 week ago 7 0
Kenny John Jackson @CumberlandSouthRT @StephenMcNeil: We're going to build on last year's record tourism season, support the middle class and create more jobs for our youth.…2 weeks ago 6 0


Kenny John Jackson - Cumberland South Liberal Candidate

Kenny John Jackson - Cumberland South Liberal Candidate

WHY? | As we have entered these last few days of our provincial election, the one question I'm asked most often - why are you running?

I am running because I have followed a path in my life where I’ve committed to the things that I knew would have a positive impact on the lives of others. As a military veteran and my most recent experience in municipal policing and as an RCMP Officer, I have seen that impact first-hand in my own community of Springhill and surrounding areas of Cumberland County. My community involvement, my commitment to where I grew up, where I went to school, where I live and where I work is strong. Small communities succeed when the residents are engaged, involved, and working together. Our voices get louder when we work as a team for change. Cumberland South has so much to offer and I feel we deserve better.

Why do I feel that? Cumberland South has given Mr. Baillie seven years as our MLA. I feel as many others do that in that time more could have been achieved for our riding with a willingness to work with government - both NDP and Liberal - for the good of Cumberland South - not opposing everything for the good of the PC Party. Two of Cumberland South's strongest MLA's - Guy Brown (Liberal) and Murray Scott (PC) were focused on the riding and the people of Cumberland South and were able to achieve results both on and off the side of government. Their focus - their only focus - was on Cumberland South as is mine. In Mr. Baillie's platform he states that he would also be his own Infrastructure Minister - so his plan is to be Premier AND the Infrastructure Minister AND the Cumberland South MLA - it's quite clear to me that Cumberland South would come a distant third in that plan and Cumberland South deserves better than third place.

That is why I'm running, we simply deserve better.

I am listening to your concerns. Local does matter. Your vote matters. Cumberland South matters. I ask for your vote. My focus is on making Cumberland South a positive place to live, to work and to play.

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